Our Team

Often in the New Testament ministry is seen as a battle.  Some have confused this and think people are the enemy, but Paul reminds us that our enemy is spiritual, and our battle is never ending.  Any effective soldier knows there is no such thing as an army of one.  Battles take team work.  Our ministry is no different.  God has given us a wonderful team, but there are still positions available on our team, and we continue to pray that God will fill those vacancies.

Our support team

The first position on our team is our prayer support team.  Often in the New Testament we are told that nothing is impossible with God, and we know that the inverse is just as true.  Without the power of God we will accomplish nothing.  How do we call on the power of God?  Through prayer.  Those who pray for us are calling on the ALL POWERFUL GOD OF THE UNIVERSE to help us.  In our ministry we have seen people pray and God move many times.   We have been protected from three back-to-back category 3 hurricanes.  We have also seen souls who were trusting works for salvation come to realize that Jesus is the only way to salvation. These are just two of the many examples of the power of prayer in our ministry.  Our prayer team is a critical part of our ministry.  Please consider joining our prayer team.  There are two ways to follow us and know what we are asking prayer for.  First, you can follow us on Facebook and see some updates there.  Second, if you want more specifics than we can post on Facebook, just send us a note through our contact page and let us know you would like to be on our e-mail update list.  This list gets at least one e-mail each month and if something critical comes up during the month we do special updates. 

The second position on our support team is our financial support team.  Many of the people on our prayer team are also on our financial team.  The laws of the Philippines make it so that we cannot get jobs here.  Therefore, we are dependent on God supplying our needs through individuals and local churches.  Our financial support team is amazing, and we praise God for those who sacrifice so that we can be here serving God.  If you would like to join this team either with a one-time gift or with regular monthly support, this link will explain how you can do that.

Our ministry team

For over 10 years we have prayed for God to send team members.  We have prayed and recruited and worked alone.  For almost the same amount of time, the Horton's have been praying for God to send them ministry partners as well.  We have been working in different areas, but we have been working towards the same goals.  The Horton's have been working with ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism), and have a training center ministry where they are working to train Filipinos and other Asians to reach out cross-culturally and locally.  They have been praying for God to send them a ministry partner.  We met the Horton's in 2009, but at that time God did not lead us to work together.  During the years of 2012 and 2013 we got to know the Horton's a lot better and really felt that God might be working to meet both of our prayers by putting us together.  The first week of 2014 God worked out the final details, and we approached our respective boards about an official partnership between ABWE and BMW.  Now we are officially team members with the Horton's!  When we return to the Philippines we will be moving to Baguio and partnering with the Horton's.  We praise God for this answer to prayer and look forward to working as a team.  If you would like more information about the Horton's ministry you can find it on their website.  http://www.asiaforchrist.org