Our Plan

What are we doing now?  What are we going to do?  And how are we planning to do it?  These legitimate questions are what I hope to answer here:

It has been said many different ways, but the core truth is the same each time.  If you don’t have a plan, you will work really hard at accomplishing nothing.  When we finally decided on Pangasinan as our field, we also prayed about and prepared a plan/vision.

Our Vision:   In general, our vision is to help Filipinos plant local, reproducing churches.   Initially, we developed a plan to see at least one local, reproducing church established in each of the five main population centers in the province of Pangasinan.  Over the past few years God has shown us that we need to adjust our plan.  While our overall vision is still the same, God has moved us to partner with a training center ministry in a nearby province.  This training center is helping equip saved, Filipino men to plant churches both cross-culturally and within their own culture therefore broadening our area of impact far beyond just the province of Pangasinan. 

So what do we mean by “local, reproducing churches”? 

LOCAL:   We want these churches to be true, local churches.  We want them to be independent of American funds and culture.  The New Testament church is not an American institution and does not need American culture…only Biblical truth.

REPRODUCING:  Local churches should be planting local churches.  Jesus called Christians to spread His gospel.  This is done first through personal evangelism.  Each Christian has the responsibility to share the truth with those who do not know it, therefore reproducing themselves.  Each church should also be working to reproduce itself.  A reproducing church is a church that is looking outside of itself and working to reach others.

CHURCH:  The New Testament church has nothing to do with buildings.  A church is a group of people who gather together for worship, learning and encouragement due to a common belief in Christ.  As we help start churches we want them to understand that the people gathered together are the church regardless of where they meet.

So how do we plan to do that?  Evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training is our methodology.  Our evangelism is relational.  We meet people, get involved in their lives, then as God allows we start Bible studies with them and let God and His word change their hearts. Because of our methodology of evangelism, discipleship is simply the natural outgrowth of somebody who has come to see the truth in the Bible.  So we just keep doing Bible studies with them as they grow in the truth.  Finally, as God sends us men that He wants to use to start churches, we will do our best to help those men learn and practice Biblical leadership.  Then we will help those men start the churches God wants them to start.